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Long term business growth is directly impacted by successful group programming, including both adult, youth and seasonal events.

New family behavioral and demographic trends, along with saturated markets have shrunk the once lucrative “first eighteen months” opening novelty phase of a new business, where general admission entry flowed well. Inbound sales are highest in the early life of a new start. They are essential to the long-term health of an amusement business, but trail off after the first 12 – 18 months as well. Opening overwhelmed and hoping that marketing and advertising tactics keep admissions high, is not enough to maintain and offset the timeworn perception of the second year and beyond of business. Outbound sales are the most challenging to generate and maintain, but truly the backbone of long-term growth. 

Quality programming, creating awareness, building relationships, and continual communication give and drive the reason to return.

What doesn't work

“Old School” traditional sales approaches no longer work.

“Old School” traditional sales approaches no longer work for this younger generation of sales personnel. As well as the consumer who does no longer wants to be sold a common,
average, lack luster event. They are looking for talkable, unique social experiences where
the photo for Instagram could be the deciding value.

So what's the difference?

The Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Sales

Inbound Sales

Inbound Sales involves prospects initiating contact with your company rather than you seeking them out. This typically begins when a customer expresses interest in a particular solution, often prompted by marketing efforts or information available on your website. These leads are often deemed ‘warm’ as they already recognize a need for your product or service.

Outbound Sales

Outbound Sales entails actively seeking out prospects who may benefit from your offer but are not yet aware of it. These leads are considered ‘cold’ because they haven’t expressed interest or requested further information about your products or services. Outbound sales efforts typically require reaching out to a larger pool of potential customers to generate a single qualified lead.

To summerize these stratagies, Inbound Sales means the customer finds you while Outbound Sales is where you find the customers.

Scope of work

New upstart social/FEC and hybrid businesses

Goal: Develop the systems and training to perpetuate a premium business offering that aligns with all stakeholders’ vision and the business plan. Organize and facilitate the opening team selection and training, while training your management and future trainers, for a smooth and profitable opening and ongoing operation. 

Pricing & Promotion (collaborating with marketing professional)

Group Sales

Fundraising plan

*Travel expense additional on all site visits (flight, hotel, auto, gas, parking, $60 per diem per day)

Lets start a conversation

Other Specific Consulting, Development And Training Available

Opening & modernization

Frank will leverage his expertise, experience, and proven results to assist in the early process, eliminating operational pitfalls and frustrations, and ensuring a healthy start for long-term sustainable growth and profitability for your new business.

Guest Experience
development & training

Experience destinations are crafted to cater to the preferences of modern families. Pioneering these experiences involves shaping businesses to embody a unique brand, reflecting the character of the market and fostering an emotional connection with guests.

Parties, Groups,
& Sales Optimization

Enhance the success of your amusement business by optimizing the intangible aspects of your key revenue streams, such as birthday parties, group, adult, and holiday events. Our personalized and engaging approach ensures that these elements are human interactive.

Hiring Personality
Systems & new tools

At FL Price, we understand the vital role of leadership and a dynamic, enthusiastic workforce in driving the success of your business. Our proven systems and comprehensive support will help you attract, recruit, train, and retain top-tier managers and employees.