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Frank W. Price

President FL Price and Ferret Personality

founder of Birthday University and The Experience Academy

“Hi … I’m Frank Price of FL Price and I love to elevate people, by educating, training, or coaching them from point A to point B.  Whether it’s you, your employees, guests, and especially the kids, it allows me to make a difference in the lives of all. Thank you for allowing me to do, what I love.”

Frank Price's Background

Frank Price is an inspiring individual who has a passion for helping people and businesses reach their full potential. He is the founder of FL Price, a consulting firm with 35 years of experience in the amusement industry. The firm specializes in designing, customizing, and training operational processes for businesses, including guest experience, birthday parties, group events, and personality hiring systems.  Frank Price is also known as the founder of Birthday University and The Experience Academy, where he teaches a contrarian approach to creating unique and more profitable business offerings. He has a strong belief in challenging businesses to deliver their offerings in a personalized, emotionally connected, and meaningful way.

Frank Price’s dedication to making a difference and creating memorable experiences for everyone is evident in his work. He takes great satisfaction in teaching, training, and coaching businesses to reach new heights.  Frank’s consulting career has given him the opportunity for creating systems and training with high profile companies such as Flight 509, Adventure Park, Rev’d Up Fun, Funhaven, Kokomo Joes, Sky Zone Franchise LLC, Off The Wall, Fly Trampoline centers, The Zone, Ultra Start Entertainment, Make Believe, Time Zone Australia, Magi Quest, The Wow Factory, Sahara Sam’s Indoor Water Park, Paradise Park, The Big Trill Factory, Ashville’s Fun Depot, The Amazing Pizza Machine, Lasertag Extreme and Fort Frenzy.  Birthday University, founded in 2000 answers the need to produce high quality, more memorable and profitable commercial birthday parties. 

Birthday University and The Experience Academy continues to tour, teaching businesses like Disney, Hershey Park, Bam, Hollywood Park, Andretti Thrill Park, San Diego Ice Rink, Roseville Skate Town, The Ontario Science Center, The Florida Aquarium, Hero’s and thousands of other family entertainment enterprises, the business of remarkable and profitable birthday parties and group events.    Frank instructs at Foundations Entertainment University, Amusement 360 and various industry conventions including IAAPA, IATP, Laser Tag (traditional and tactical), Bowl Expo, National Association of Farmers Agritourism, Ice and Gymnastic conventions, Roller Skating, and World Waterpark Shows.

“Be the contrarian and flip your mind set.  Instead of spending 90% of your time on the condition and 10% on the actionable solution … Spend 90% of your time on the actionable solution and 10% on the condition.”

Frank Price