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Hiring Personality Systems

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Your workforce is the driving element of your success

At FL Price, we understand the vital role of leadership and a dynamic, enthusiastic workforce in driving the success of your business. Our proven systems and comprehensive support will help you attract, recruit, train, and retain top-tier managers and employees who embody the values of your organization. These individuals are essential for creating unique, emotionally engaging experiences that leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Investing in attracting and retaining the right team, in the right positions, will have a profound impact on your business’s long-term success, surpassing the influence of any tangible attractions your business may offer. They are the secret ingredient that justifies the prices you
charge and the intangible value that your guests crave.

Invaluable Feature

The Hiring System

FL Price will develop, install and train an opening team hiring system for recruiting, hiring,
training, and retaining personality. This system sifts out the perfect personalities for the
perfect role, intended for the amusement business as well as stablishes an ongoing training
and retaining system. It can be measured by greater productivity, reduced turnover and less
HR frustration.

Scope of work

HIRING PERSONALITY SYSTEMS (Recruiting / Hiring / Training)

Goal: Develop the systems and training to perpetuate a premium business offering that aligns with all stakeholders’ vision and the business plan. Organize and facilitate the opening team selection and training, while training your management and future trainers, for a smooth and profitable opening and ongoing operation. 

Management / Sales Structure / Selection Assistance & Balance

Team Selection / System

Training - Site visit 1 Selection - two-days (FL Price)

Audition training – FLP two-day site visit to facilitate the first auditions and train supervisor.

*Travel expense additional on all site visits (flight, hotel, auto, gas, parking, $60 per diem per day)

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Other Specific Consulting, Development And Training Available

Opening & modernization

Frank will leverage his expertise, experience, and proven results to assist in the early process, eliminating operational pitfalls and frustrations, and ensuring a healthy start for long-term sustainable growth and profitability for your new business.

Guest Experience
development & training

Experience destinations are crafted to cater to the preferences of modern families. Pioneering these experiences involves shaping businesses to embody a unique brand, reflecting the character of the market and fostering an emotional connection with guests.

Parties, Groups,
& Sales Optimization

Enhance the success of your amusement business by optimizing the intangible aspects of your key revenue streams, such as birthday parties, group, adult, and holiday events. Our personalized and engaging approach ensures that these elements are human interactive.

FEC Outbound
Sales System

The FL Price outbound sales system is defined as ongoing relationship sales, perpetual communication, scrubbing down lists, utilizing CRM technology and communicating only to those who fit your customer persona through a gravity funnel methodology.