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Good enough is not enough.

FL Price specializes in new startups, modernizations, current owners and entrepreneurs who understand that good enough is not enough. Our focus on selecting, training, and retaining a team with a unique personality, combined with a guest experience culture, is the key to long-term growth, profitability, and maximizing your investment. 

FLP develops culture, operational systems and processes to mold your business beyond the design and build phase, eliminating the costly learning curve and early brand image damage. You will no longer need to depend on hiring someone with an outdated, non-related, or past employer’s approach to steering your business towards mediocrity. FLP will develop and guide your business to higher levels of economic value, by redefining the way you do business. 

Learn below about our consulting, development and training services services.

Opening/modernization development, team selection, revenue programs

Frank will leverage his expertise, experience, and proven results to assist in the early process, eliminating operational pitfalls and frustrations, and ensuring a healthy start for long-term sustainable growth and profitability for your new business.

Guest Experience development & training

Experience destinations are crafted to cater to the preferences of modern families. Pioneering these experiences involves shaping businesses to embody a unique brand, reflecting the character of the market and fostering an emotional connection with guests to surpass their expectations.

Parties, Groups, & Sales

Enhance the success of your amusement business by optimizing the intangible aspects of your key revenue streams, such as birthday parties, group, adult, and holiday events. Our personalized and engaging approach ensures that these elements are human interactive, setting you apart from outdated concepts.

Hiring Personality Systems

At FL Price, we understand the vital role of leadership and a dynamic, enthusiastic workforce in driving your success of your business. Our proven systems and comprehensive support will help you attract, recruit, train, and retain top-tier managers and employees who embody the values of your organization.

Hybrid Onsite & "DIY" Training Options

Frank offers business owners multiple ways to take advantage of his services. Offering both onsite and online "DIY" training options, FLP take the hassle out of having limited access to these educational modules. He can come to you to do onsite training with you and your staff or learn for yourselves online.


FLP is committed to being your partner in success.

Frank specializes in the development and training of an “experience destination” culture, customized party/event program, sales system, team selection system (placement by personality temperament) and training systems that build habit, for consistent delivery.

From initial design to implementation, as well as ongoing training and coaching solutions, FLP is committed to being your partner in success.

“Be the contrarian and flip your mind set.  Instead of spending 90% of your time on the condition and 10% on the actionable solution … Spend 90% of your time on the actionable solution and 10% on the condition.”

Frank Price

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