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Guest Experience Development Training

Strive for excelence

Experience destinations are crafted to cater to the preferences of modern families.

Pioneering these experiences involves shaping businesses to embody a unique brand, reflecting the character of the market and fostering an emotional connection with guests. The transformation takes place when guests’ perception surpasses their expectations, leaving them feeling truly special. This leads to them enthusiastically sharing their experience with others long after they’ve left and giving them a reason to return.

Many businesses have become complacent, relying on outdated service presentations. When consumers sacrifice the “real” value they desire, for lack of anything better, their willingness to re-visit dramatically declines. Intangible “people” value experiences are in in high demand, while average or below average transactional businesses are common and continue to struggle, as the size of the family market compresses.  The worst brand is the one perceived as a low priced, commodity.   

Reality is what they are saying as they are walking out.

Invaluable Feature

Master guest expectations with basic service tasks

Mastering guest expectations with basic service tasks is the foundation, while engaging, meaningful, emotional connection drives repetitive loyal guests. FL Price will evaluate and define your current service culture, standards and operation, then reengineer it, utilizing industry proven templates, best practices and virtual support to assist clients in their transformation. It starts with redevelopment of deficient service delivery, then surpasses service mastery to become an experience destination, where your people become your most valued attraction.

Scope of work

New upstart social/FEC and hybrid businesses

Goal: Develop the systems and training to perpetuate a premium business offering that aligns with all stakeholders’ vision and the business plan. Organize and facilitate the opening team selection and training, while training your management and future trainers, for a smooth and profitable opening and ongoing operation. 

Discovery/Prep For Experience Culture Development

Guest Experience Culture Development

Custom Guest Experience Training Materials Developed

Individual GX Journey paths (developed and documented) to train, maintain and manage guest experience visit from beginning to end.

Training: Site visit 1 Guest Experience - two days (FL Price)

*Travel expense additional on all site visits (flight, hotel, auto, gas, parking, $60 per diem per day)

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Other Specific Consulting, Development And Training Available

Opening & modernization

Frank will leverage his expertise, experience, and proven results to assist in the early process, eliminating operational pitfalls and frustrations, and ensuring a healthy start for long-term sustainable growth and profitability for your new business.

Parties, Groups,
& Sales Optimization

Enhance the success of your amusement business by optimizing the intangible aspects of your key revenue streams, such as birthday parties, group, adult, and holiday events. Our personalized and engaging approach ensures that these elements are human interactive.

Hiring Personality
Systems & new tools

At FL Price, we understand the vital role of leadership and a dynamic, enthusiastic workforce in driving the success of your business. Our proven systems and comprehensive support will help you attract, recruit, train, and retain top-tier managers and employees.

FEC Outbound
Sales System

The FL Price outbound sales system is defined as ongoing relationship sales, perpetual communication, scrubbing down lists, utilizing CRM technology and communicating only to those who fit your customer persona through a gravity funnel methodology.