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On-Stie Training

Training and workshops (full and half day on site or virtual)

All full day programs can be paired down into four hour programs, customized to fit your audience. Training can be on site or done virtually broken down into weekly one hour sessions.

Party & Event Front Line Team Training

This four hour, evening training is for your front line party and events team. The most powerful “unique” competitive party and group event strategy embodies the way you do business. It’s your Host, Coach, Hero, Captain or whatever you call them that make each party or event different and unique. Tangible attractions, no matter how high tech, innovative or grand, will always be one dimensional. Even game oriented attractions, such as mini golf, bowling, laser tag, paintball or sport games offer some interaction, but need to be organized and facilitated by someone to keep it fresh and unique each and every time. Leaving it up to chance that the birthday child will be the center of attention, while hoping parents walk away “wowed”, leaves your program thrashing in the sea of mediocrity. It’s your responsibility as the owner or manager of your group programs to give your front line the tools to succeed. This workshop does just that. It gives your party / events team a new understanding of what, how and why parties and group events are much more than just the play attractions. It’s the why “they” are the single most important ingredient to the unique way you do business. They will walk away with specific concepts and tools to understand, create and implement a fresh new human energy into your parties and events.