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Virtual Training

speaking-FLPRICEWorkshops and Seminars “Virtual”

It’s the exact same programs listed above except without the travel fees.  The entire program is brought to you live, but over the internet.  Frank will instruct over Skype, with PowerPoint’s video and sound streaming through a Go-To Training session.  Frank will work with a your “employee trainer” to assist in facilitating the same content, games and live demonstrations that would happen if he was there.  Training can be accessed and viewed via formal projection, laptop or tablet.   


Virtual Training

Virtual training sessions are three to four hour segments brought to your location via the internet and facilitated by an onsite manager.  Virtual training ranges from $1500 – $2500.

Topics include:

  • Service Culture Design (owners / management) 4 hours
  • Experience Culture Design (owners / management) 4 hours
  • All Staff Guest Service Training (management / front line) 3 hours
  • All Staff Experience Training (management / front line) 3 hours
  • Party Host Training (front line party team)
  •  New party team orientation – 3 hours
  • Delivering a high quality experience – 3 hours
  • Personalizing the party – 3 hours
  • Party Admin, Booking and Marketing (party supervisors / booking agents) 4 hours
  • Group & Company Events – Design, Sales and Experience Delivery (management, sales / marketing) 3-6 hours

Virtual training programs broken into weekly one hour segments.

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