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Grand Opening – Modernizing Opening Team

Grand Opening  /  Modernization

Opening Team assessment / Selection / Key Revenue Program Development / Training

grand-opening-trainingOpening your much anticipated family entertainment destination can be a joyful milestone or an anxious, stressful time with serious potential for long term disastrous results.  The process of opening or expanding a multi tasked business is overwhelming for rookies as well as the experienced operators.  Your concept may be well thought out, researched and placed in an area starving for family entertainment.  You have invested your time, energy and adequate money to meet the needs of your market without compromise.  But throw all that out the window if the guest enters your business for the first time and is dissatisfied or their perception of their visit did not justify the value they paid.  Everything from that point on is damage control, clean up, catch up and trying to convince them to give you another chance.  FL Price and Associates will assist in this early process with expertise, experience and proven results to eliminate these future frustrations and give your new business the healthy start you desire.

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