FL Price

Grand Opening Scope of Work

Phase I


·          Overview of concept – business or expansion plan / facilities / attractions, owner/founder values, current programs and input.

·          FLP shall interview management for the purpose of extracting business practices and ideas in order to integrate their ideas and concepts into the foundation of a value added, unique, interactive birthday / group event program.  Includes competitive analysis exercise, package and pricing analysis and recommendations.

Phase II

Opening Team Selection Program

  • Based on matching personality temperament preference and proper role placement. 
  • Management assessment and team development search, sift and select system and process manual
  • Personality temperament assessment test and interpretation
  • Management roles and job descriptions balanced and defined by specific personality temperaments
  • Grand opening recruiting and perpetual hiring system

o         Performance agreement template (electronic)

o         Job fair task sheet – virtual support training

  • Try out training

o         Step by step process manual with virtual support

o         Games/activities/forms/letters

  • Site visit to perform and train tryout concept (three tryouts) and assist with evaluation
  • Ongoing training system and HR retention task sheet for your future trainers
  • Development of custom video clips for future visual training (client provides raw video)


Phase III

Key Revenue Center Custom Written Process Manuals For Parties / Events:

(Games, interaction and scripts based on custom attractions)

  • Children’s parties (50 -70 pages)
  • Tween/teen parties (20pages)
  • Corporate/Adult group parties and events (30 pages)


Additional Party Program Reference Manuals

  • Children’s Birthday Parties Reference Manuals
  • Party Celebration Room Games Manual (30 pages) (hard copy and electronic versions)
  • Party Magic Manual and Scripts (15 pages) (hard copy and electronic versions)
  • Party Booking Script (2 pages) (hard copy and electronic versions)
  • Party / Group Program Tools and Resources (hard copy only)


Adult Group Reference Manuals

  • Corporate Group Events /Adult Party Celebrations Game Reference Manuals
  • Group Holiday Events Manual (20 pages) (hard copy only)
  • Team Building / Creative Meeting Manual (20 pages) (hard copy only)
  • Group Events Sales System and Marketing Manual (23 pages) (hard copy only)


Phase IVTeam Training

Installation Training (total 3 days on site – 21 training hours on site)

  •  Installation and training of party / group event system to the opening team
  • Client produces manuals, provides prizes, meeting space and screen
  • Management / marketing / party supervisors / train the future trainer training (3 hours)
  •  Party marketing / booking agent training  –  (2 hours)
  • Corporate events and facilitator training (4 hours)
  • Opening party team training – two evening sessions (total 9 hours)
  • Lecture, live demonstration, role play and practice training
  • Party team practice training (3 hours)


Management / Team Selection Program

Management assessment

Search sift and select system

Roles descriptions balanced and defined by specific personality temperaments

Recruiting and perpetual hiring system

Ongoing training system

Development of video clips for future visual training

Two days on site training