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“It made my actual birthday feel great, gave me the tools I need and the inspiration I needed.”  Patty Wolfe Walt Disney World Goofy’s Candy Co., Orlando, FL

“I knew this course would be valuable; however, I never realized it would be a one stop shop for all areas of the business.”  Barbara Batt BattBowl Jacksonville FL

“Frank has transformed my fec ideas and plans into a truly memorable, workable plan.  Frank has given me the confidence and the tools to make it happen.”  Nicole Roberts soon to be Party Planet LA

“This program was such an eye opener and far exceeded my expectations.” 

ReGina Bullock The Florida Aquarium Tampa FL

“Wow!”  “Who knew there was so much one could do; very simple things to make a memory for your birthday child.”  Dan Cane Adventure Island Henderson NC

“My name is April from Harbes Farm and I believe this program was priceless.  (no pun intended) 

April Rocchetta Harbes Family Farm Long Island NY

“Having been operators of Family Entertainment Center business' for two generations, we have become acutely aware of the fact that success requires alignment with the best the industry has to offer. Frank Price and his Birthday University program are the best example of taking "One thing and doing it perfectly" and it shows on the bottom line.”

 Chad Cook , Freedom Station Family Fun Center, Prescott Valley, AZ

“Frank is a tremendous resource and openly shares his knowledge and experience in all aspects of the business of birthday parties.”  Camron Franklin Lexington KT

“Your training far surpassed my expectations.  Frank is very knowledgeable and teaches

every aspect of the birthday business.” 

Lori Morrman City of Dublin Parks and Recreation

“The workshop was fun, informative, pleasant, concept changing, memorable and confidence building.”

                                                – Julie Crouch / The Wonder Place

“Frank Price’s Birthday University was one of the best seminars that IAAPA has ever offered.  Frank’s knowledge of the subject matter and his enthusiasm for the topic shine through.  Our attendees loved it.”

                                                – Eamon Connor – IAAPA Training Services



I wanted to thank you again for all that I learned while at Birthday U this past August in Atlanta.

When I got back to Kid Stuff, a number of the things I took with me from Birthday U were implemented immediately, some over time, but all effectively and our birthday party business is booming!

Last year at this time, we would average 50 parties per month, of which, 25 were our "value" package, costing $149. Now, we are averaging 50 parties per month, but our cheapest one is $275!

Our birthday business is almost triple what it was last year!


Thanks again,


Michael Mitchell

General Manager, Kid Stuff


“The pre-opening training that you provided for The Wow Factory was invaluable.  You opened our eyes on how to really choose the right employees during the hiring process, as well as train the birthday and general staff on how to interact with guests and provide excellent customer service.  It was so good I brought you back 9 months after opening for a refresher, and I will probably make it a yearly habit.  Nice job!”


Tom Head

The Wow Factory Boca Raton FL


My wife and I were fortunate enough to be able to attend your Orlando Birthday University workshop the first part of this year.  We have not only purchased from several of your sponsors but have also implemented many of the things we learned from you into our new party packages.  While we have always been a favorite spot for parties and while we thought you could not improve upon our twenty years of success, we are the first to tell you that you did teach old dogs new tricks.  Our new and improved party packages, with our new and improved pricing, has been extremely well received.  In fact, our new parties have been so successful that we find we must at times turn away more business than we can handle.  We wanted you to know how much we appreciate the time you spent with us and the knowledge that you shared.  It was truly appreciated and successfully implemented.

Best Wishes

David and Marva Vaughan

Putt-Putt Golf & Games


“By the way, birthday parties are going fantastic!  We’re doing so many unexpected activities for our customers and the personal touch that we provide (as taught by you) is creating raving reviews.”

 Bob Cilento

Bounce With Bob Rochester NY


Angela Hill




Scotties Fun Spot


Thu, Mar 17, 2011 10:17 am



I know it’s been awhile since you’ve came to Scotties Fun Spot, but I would like to thank you for coming and teaching us all about birthday parties. Before you came, I didn’t want to do birthday parties at all. After you came, I was excited to do them, but still a little nervous. I waited a couple of months to email you to see how things went with me doing them. And so far so good! I love doing birthday parties now, and I’m not nervous anymore. You made things a lot easier for me to do them. I just wanted to email you and thank you so much for teaching me all the new things and how to move through the party smoothly.


Angela Hill

Birthday Party Specialist

Scotties Fun Spot