FL Price

The Perfect Staff

Family Destination Staff Development 

They are out there, relevant leadership and a young workforce with great attitudes, smiles, energy, enthusiasm and a personality that gives real meaning to your business. They will set your facility apart from all others; by the way they make your business work. The challenge, they don’t know you need someone just like them or you don’t know how to find them. FL Price will deliver proven systems and everything needed to recruit, hire, train, retain perfect managers and employees that become known as the place with “it” … great people, that care and the desire to serve your guest like they were family.

They are crucial to businesses wanting to deliver unique, emotionally engaged, memorable experiences. It’s the secret ingredient that justifies the price you can charge, for a highly desired, intangible value-added experience they crave. Your front line employee is the single most important element in determining satisfaction, personal wow and the desire to return for another visit. When people experience “Wow” they’ come back more often and go out and tell others about their experience. The investment in your “People Attraction” will have the greatest impact on your long term bottom line, no matter what tangible attractions your business offers.

Establish a leadership foundation

  • Define, understand and live your fundamental “People” philosophyFLP training
  •  Learn and evolve your leadership (management) strategies that work with today’s generation
  • Define relevant win-win employment variables

Develop the tools to teach the skills required for a consistent delivery every time.

  • Performance agreement with operating standards
  • Systemized process manuals for consistent delivery

Understand who you are looking for and where they fit

  • Job roles defined by personality temperament

Search and sift through the masses

  • Advertisement and marketing written to attract specific personality temperaments
  • Job fair for mass applicants
  • Try out / group interview format
  • Perpetual system

Duplicate your best with a training system

  •  Immerse, Teach, Model

Retain by leadership style, showing appreciation / giving back

  • Care plan

FL Price Staff Development Deliverables

Develop and implement a balanced management team using a personality based selection program.

Management team assessment and team development search, sift and select system / process manual

  • Personality temperament assessment tool, test and interpretation
  • Management role description templates
  • Management team balanced and defined by specific personality temperament.
  • Review and make recommendations o Management recruiting by temperament manual
  • Networking letters, advertising samples, placement strategies

Develop an ongoing human resource system, based on matching personality temperament preferences with proper placement. Perpetual recruiting, hiring, training manual

  • Elevator speech exercise and examples o Performance agreement template (electronic)
  • family walking outBasic service journey paths to be customized with virtual support (electronic)
  • Staff role descriptions – personality temperament placement chart
  • Recruiting strategy – personality based – sample temperament advertising
  • Job fair task white sheet – FLP virtual support training
  • Step by step training process manual with virtual support
  • Try-out group interview concept o Games/activities/forms/letters
  • Orientation template

FL Price 2 day’s onsite training and review visit

Perform and train tryout concept (three tryouts) and assist with evaluation

  • Review recruiting processes o Train ongoing front line training system
  • HR retention task sheet for your future trainers

FL Price virtual support 4 hours

Video Training Clip Library

  • Development of custom six 5 min. video clips for future visual training (client provides raw video)