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On-Stite Training Program

On-Site Training Programs

Training & workshops

On-site training and workshops are scheduled for one to three days.  Programs can be topic specific or customized to meet the exact needs of your organization including. 

The “People Attraction” – Guest Service To Meaningful Experience.

Change the way you do business by using your greatest asset, your employee team’s personality.  Differentiate and dominate your competition with something others can’t duplicate, the energy, enthusiasm, personality and great choices made with each and every guest interaction.  Service basics are a good start, allowing you to blend with the expected and the average, where price and location are the only competitive difference. To inspire new customers and generate return visit buzz, you’ll need to elevate the intangible value of your business.  Adding random surprises, facilitating social gatherings and emotional connection to create memorable moments that only humans make with each other. Your staff needs to understand the power they have to be the reason why guests come back more often.  

Party & Event Front Line Team Training

This full or half day program is for your front line party and events team.  The most powerful “unique” competitive party and group event strategy embodies the way you do business.  It’s your Host, Coach, Hero, Captain or whatever you call them that make each party or event different and unique.  Tangible attractions, no matter how high tech, innovative or grand, will always be one dimensional.  Even game oriented attractions, such as mini golf, bowling, laser tag, paintball or sport games offer some interaction, but need to be organized and facilitated by someone to keep it fresh and unique each and every time.  Leaving it up to chance that the birthday child will be the center of attention, while hoping parents walk away “wowed”, leaves your program thrashing in the sea of mediocrity.  It’s your responsibility as the owner or manager of your group programs to give your front line the tools to succeed.  This workshop does just that.  It gives your party / events team a new understanding of what, how and why parties and group events are much more than just the play attractions.  It’s the why “they” are the single most important ingredient to the unique way you do business.   They will walk away with specific concepts and tools to understand, create and implement a fresh new human energy into your parties and events.

The Perfect Staff – Finding, Hiring, Training And Keeping Them

Identify potential team members and the role that best fits their personality temperament. 

They’re out there.  Young people with great smiles, energy, enthusiasm and a “Can do” attitude, which will set your party facility apart from all the copy-cat concepts you currently, compete with.  The challenge, they don’t know you are looking for them or you don’t know where to find them.  You’ll learn a proven system and everything needed to become the talk of the town, as the place that has those great party hosts and top of mind as the place to go for a memorable party. 

  Crucial to experiential businesses are the individuals who orchestrate the services you provide every day.   Your front line employee is the single most important element in determining guest satisfaction, value and the desire to return for another visit.  The Results:  Guests are “wowed” when they perceive energy, enthusiasm, fun and unexpected entertainment value from every interaction throughout their visit.  This directly impacts your party program’s image and reputation.  It cements your concept as the number one choice for parties / group events and becomes a major competitive advantage.  When people experience “Wow” they’ll come back more often and go out and tell others about their experience.  This will have the greatest impact on your bottom line.

Remarkable & Profitable Parties And Group Event Concepts

Birthday Party and group event programs continue to play a major role in the success of all family oriented businesses.  Why are party programs booming for some family oriented businesses and yet others are stuck in the same place they’ve been for years?  Let’s take a fresh look back at what we have learned that works, what’s not working and why.  Then challenge yourself to break out of the limiting beliefs and stale concepts that have kept you the same for years and evolve!   We’ll start with the foundation of understanding the party consumer.  Then look back and see what history teaches us what not to do and understand why. You’ll get specific tools to evolve your concept, become unique and capable of mass customizing.  You’ll learn a simplified, low cost party/group marketing strategy, adding outstanding service and little extra in the party room.  See how simple and inexpensive it really is to produce parties and group events at higher levels of satisfaction and profit, no matter how large or small, multi attraction or neighborhood entity.  In today’s marketplace you’ll need to evolve, change and offer a variety of new options to continue growing.  

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