FL Price

Living a Service Culture

Phase IHappy-family


FL Price will review and define your new or current service culture, vision, core beliefs and operational standards and include virtual support to assist and coach client in the development or redevelopment of all deficient areas.

Phase II

Service Culture Foundation – Mastering Guest Service Tasks

  • Evaluation of current practice and general training (secret shop visit above)

  •  Establish service theme & core service beliefs (owner/executives) 

  • Create simple way to communicate service theme (elevator speech)

  • Create a service vision story (virtual support with electronic template provided)

  • Define operating service standards & service recovery parameters – (performance agreement template provided)

  • Sensory audit of current or future environment – resolve to standard (template provided)

  • Capture best practices, client will record their current or desired standard on a service journey plan for each guest touch point.   Guest service journey task plan defines service task and standard from entry to exit.  – FLP will assist in writing and elevate service touch points while eliminating service leaks.

  •  Define and establish two way communication systems (guest and employee) for continual improvement.  FLP will provide quality service measurement concepts and recommendations.

  • Create Quality Service Measuring device (VOC template provided)

Phase III

On-site training (3 hours) 2 sessions all staff

  •  Living service the basics – training on site – entire team (3 hours)
  • Service foundation – understanding why – communication owners core service beliefs & vision
  • Everyone has a part – performance agreement
  • Understanding and living the service journey task plan
  • Getting beyond customer service
  • Creating “WOW”
  • Adding intangible value everyday