FL Price

Key Revenue Centers

Mass Customized Group Programing

Development & Training, Children’s Parties, Adult Events and Holiday Events


Phase I

Discovery – Overview concept, facilities and attractions. 

(via phone/internet 6 hours includes analysis and recommendations)

  • During the discovery phase FLP will extract business practices and ideas from founder(s) and key management.  These ideas and concepts will make up the foundation of the new group programs.  FLP will then customize a value added, unique, interactive birthday / group event program to differentiate your concept from all competitors; by the way you do them.  This input will be used to develop and write the operational systems / manuals and tools needed to perpetuate a unique party / group events  to duplicate these quality presentations every time. 
  • FL Price will send Competitive analysis exercise template and guide you through a unique method of analyzing your competition.  It will allow you to understand your competition beyond their web site and price/package points.  
  • Party package spreadsheets (excel format) will be provided to help in the package development.
  • FL Price will make recommendations, owner / management will review and make final package inclusion and price decisions. 

Phase II

Customized Written Operations and Training Manuals

  • FL Price will take the information gathered in the discovery phase and write customized operations/training manuals.  Client will receive all manuals/forms in hard copy and many in electronic format (for continual improvement) in a first draft document.  Final revisions, edits, changes and proofs provided by client in timely manner.
  • Customized Corporate party and events template including unique games and theme reference manual
  • Customized Birthday Party training manual and training quiz. (60 pages) (hard copy &electronic versions)
  •  Customized Tween/Teen event concept and manual (20 pages) (hard copy only)
  •  Holiday special event template (12 themed events)

Additional Reference Manuals

  • Children’s Birthday Parties Reference Manuals
  • Party Celebration Room Games Manual (30 pages) (hard copy and electronic versions)
  • Party Magic Manual and Scripts (15 pages) (hard copy and electronic versions)
  • Party Booking Script (2 pages) (hard copy and electronic versions)
  •  Party / Group Program Tools and Resources (hard copy only)

Adult Group Reference Manuals

  • Corporate Group Events /Adult Party Celebrations Game Reference Manuals
  • Group Holiday Events Manual (20 pages) (hard copy only)
  • Team Building / Creative Meeting Manual (20 pages) (hard copy only)
  • Group Events Sales System and Marketing Manual (23 pages) (hard copy only)

Phase III

Installation Training (total 3 days on site – 21 training hours on site)

  • Installation and training of party / group event system to the opening team
  • Client produces manuals, provides prizes, meeting space and screen
  • Management / marketing / party supervisors / train the future trainer training (3 hours)
  • Party marketing / booking agent training  –  (2 hours)
  • Corporate events and facilitator training (4 hours)
  • Opening party team training – two evening sessions (total 9 hours)
  • Training style includes lecture, live demonstration, role play and practice training
  • Party team practice training (3 hours)