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Experience Destination

Complete Development/Training & Follow Up

 experience-trainingExperience entertainment destinations are designed and developed to meet the desires of the new generation of customer.  They uncover and match their brand and delivery to precisely what their marketplace is seeking.  Experience pioneers are focused on creating their business to deliver their unique brand as an experience, which reflects the personality and temperament of their market and incorporates the guest’s emotional values to give each visit relevant meaning.  The transformation occurs as their perception of how it was performed exceeds their expectation and they felt like it was just for them.


Steps to Meaningful Experience Destinations


service-to-experienceEstablish a Service Foundation & Culture

A service foundation begins with understanding the basics of customer service and the mastery of the tasks to achieve it.  Current assessment of service A service theme must be defined and fall within the core beliefs of the owner/founder.  From this, a service vision story can be authored and used as a virtual guiding path to embody the new culture of the organization.  Operating service standards & service recovery must be defined, written and installed into a performance agreement that will be used as a tool for clear definition and training that will predict future service outcomes.


Setting Audit

Review current ambiance and environment through a sensory audit, using the five senses as a measurement devise.  Evaluate all aspects of the business environment by sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.   Quality service is measured by guest perceptions driven by the bombardment of their five senses throughout their visit.   This perception is their reality.  Even the smallest details are registered. 


Write Service Journey Map

A service Journey map is written for each area of operation to track and describe customer encounters at each step of their visit, from start to finish.  It takes into account not only what happens to them, but also their responses as they live it.  It also defines what needs to be done to simplify and improve each guest encounter.  It exposes steps which create frustration and inefficiencies as well as opportunity for continual improvement of the overall experience.


Develop and Implement Feedback & Two Way Communication Systems

Communication systems (two way guest and management/employee) must be developed and systematized for measuring and reporting and ongoing continual improvement of service fundamentals.  Access to electronic feedback for survey feedback, and guest comments both positive and negative are immediate and powerful indicators of how you are doing. This may also include old school quality service device (VOC) programs for immediate connection with the guest and a method to reinforce positive employee behavior.  


Employee Development System

Build a new employee team from the top down.  All must choose to “Want” to change as the culture changes or be replaced.  Proper leadership must be placed correctly within roles that balance the entire team.  As leadership personalities are uncovered, feedback and understanding on their strengths/weaknesses will show them how personality differences, yet properly placed are essential to their success as a leader and the organization.  Install, train and implement a recruiting, hiring and training system, capable of sifting out personalities, teaching specific department skills and attaining the Mojo experience destination level.


Follow up evaluation and retraining

Owner/Management Assessment begins with and evaluation of the owner and current management team using a scientific personality temperament assessment process and analysis.  Once understood, a balanced management team with an understanding of how each leader individually interacts within their role, with others on the team, as well as with the employees they lead and customers they serve.    Imbalances, strengths and personality weaknesses, as well as correct management roles will be uncovered and recommendations made based on the desire to achieve the MOJO experience destination. 

Hire or Rehire Team

All current and potential new candidates will be sifted through the Montgomery Shorter Sorter to make sure they are placed properly into a role that best fits their personality.  Every employee (new and existing) must go through the Tryout & Re-try out process as well as the entity’s orientation to introduce and learn the MoJo Experience Destination culture, including owner’s philosophy, organizations history, traditions and core beliefs. The above ongoing training and retaining system is installed for management to execute and produce future employee who will understand the culture and opt in and contribute their part to the delivery of the experience.


Elevating to an Experience Destination


Happy-family-2“Sensenating” the environment

Mike Vance, former Dean of Disney University, coined the word "sensenation", which means, to improve or heighten any experience, think through the five senses.  Five sensing the environment will surprise “Broka’s” brain with unexpected pleasure, fueling positive emotional feeling and greater meaning throughout their visit.  There are many subconscious surprises, can be designed, managed and queued, to facilitate the guest experience to a more memorable level.  Your environment becomes part of the show or the stage for the interaction of something unexpected.  It feels like it was just for them and engages each guest in their own personal way.


Customizing the Experience – Writing Experience Journey Maps

Becoming an experience destination means building relationships on a personal level, adding emotional moments as well as facilitating greater meaning throughout each guest’s visit.   Each experience destination is custom matched and authored for the individual market’s temperament type.  Experience journey maps will be written to reflect the heightened interaction and emotion impact points designed for your specific brand and market personality. 

These experience concepts are added to existing operating standards (performance agreement) experience vision story, department training manuals.  ******Operational process & system manuals are critical to the future training system required for each department. 

Train & install – 2 day experience training for all employees.

Install Measurement and Continual Improvement System

Install enhanced electronic measurement systems for immediate guest/employee feedback and experience reports: including electronic event surveys, suggestive social media commenting, with easy associability and transparent results.  Set goals, monitor progress and use information for improved communication in the continual improvement process. 

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